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Comes Mid-Summer, When Out-of-Town Kin or Friends Arrive — What To Do With Them!

 MY TRIED AND TRUE CHOICES First—how this list came about: For about 10 years–2000 to 2010–I produced and hosted a local interview TV show called “Strictly Seniors.” To keep it lively, I had the theory that any subject was fair game, including favorite local tourist sites. The following list is based on my personal and […]

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The Joy of Naps

I have been a dedicated napper since I was a high school teenager where I first discovered the joy  of study class  repose  . Yes, many medical studies currently show that naps improve cognition response time and overall good health, but I never required medical justification for my beneficial addiction.  I fine-tuned my skills in […]

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The Runaway Travel Adventure

THE RUNAWAY TRAVEL ADVENTURE  Part One  How It Began. This blog is a cautionary tale how a seemingly innocuous round  trip to New York City and back to Minneapolis  turned  into a multi-week odyssey: an across-the-Atlantic voyage on the Queen Mary 2 to Southampton, and then by train  to several of the famous Great Houses […]

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