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Planning to Live to 100?

When I reached the portentous age of 80 I decided it was time to get serious about the likelihood of reaching 100 years. Why 100? With my work days departed and not mourned, I am thoroughly enjoying the magically increased available time. And there is a comforting ring to writing or speaking this revered figure: […]

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How To Keep Your Synapses Snapping

Some years back there came a time when I no longer had to endure 9 to 6 labors. After wife Merle and I sold our public relations agency, I was an unfettered master of my destiny! Being a few years into senior-dom, I started to pay attention to a wide range of literature that provides […]

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The Joy of Naps

I have been a dedicated napper since I was a high school teenager where I first discovered the joy  of study class  repose  . Yes, many medical studies currently show that naps improve cognition response time and overall good health, but I never required medical justification for my beneficial addiction.  I fine-tuned my skills in […]

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